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Let us help you take the first steps on your journey through marriage.

The Wedding of Your Dreams

Please take a moment to view our wedding and photo packages; or feel free to contact us. ''What ever you desire. What ever you dream.” Let us make your life time of dreams.... Dreams to last a life time..

Our Wedding Packages

Choose from one of our many customizable packages including:

Welcome To Las Vegas - Starting at $100
We will marry the happy couple at the most iconic wedding site in the world. The Famous ''Welcome to Las Vegas Sign''. This is very easy and fun, the most simple wedding, with just the happy couple and our Minister.

On the Strip - $399
We will marry the happy couple at one of the many Las Vegas Strip locations, including your suite, to Down Town ''Freemont Experience." We will photograph this event and provide 25 glorious photographs.

What Happens in Vegas - $399
This package includes the same wonderful benefits of "On the Strip," but you receive an additional 25 prints to immortalize your precious event.

Can't Help Falling in Love - $399
Start your life together in ''Rock-N-Roll'' style, fit for a King. Let tribute artist- Minister Mark, perform your event. He will sing you love songs and the traditional, Viva Las Vegas. Price to be determined by location and photo package(s).

Dream Wedding for a Princess
We will work with you to customize your ''Perfect Vegas Wedding'', as we are affiliated with quality certified Las Vegas Businesses. Relax and enjoy as we walk with you through the maze of options. From the most simple personal wedding, all the way to the most elegant event, the world has to offer.


Terms & Conditions

We pride ourselves on our transparency, so you know exactly what you pay for. We offer expedient service 24 hours a day, and can be anywhere on the Las Vegas Strip within 30 minutes.  Prices double for ceremonies between 11pm and 6am. Same-sex couples are welcome to our services. All packages come with a minimum $100.00 Deposit which can be paid on our "SHOP NOW" page  

We use only, the most highly skilled professionals in their field, who's time is money, All events require a $100 deposit at time of scheduled booking, Deposits are NOT REFUNDABLE with in 72 hours of scheduled event.

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Charitable Wedding Services

1. We support our armed forces and Wounded Warrior Project and Honor Flights. Contact our office and get the details on your choice of wedding packages at no cost to you. THANK YOU for your service. ( Excludes Clark County fees.)

2. We support The American Cancer Society and Breast cancer Foundation. If you are being treated. Contact our office and get details on your choice of wedding packages at no cost to you. (Excludes Clark County fees.)

Photography provided by Steven Michael Hardy and Desiree Cullan.

Charity Services

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