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We are your wedding expert in Las Vegas. Please take a few moments, and you will see why Las Vegas is the ”greatest most popular destination city in the world for Love, Romance, and of Course, “Your Best Vegas Wedding.”

You can add all kinds of extras to your wedding packages, from boudoir photos to makeup artists. We partner with Sin City Boudoir for boudoir photography services during your wedding. Sin City Boudoir is a local business owned by Michael Jones. So if you’d like boudoir just mention it when you call.

About Us

From the time Benjamin ”Bugsy” Siegel first stepped into the Nevada desert with a dream and a dollar, to the glory days of Frank, Dino and the ”Rat Pack”, or Elvis Presley’s “Viva Las Vegas.” Las Vegas has always been a place where dreams come true. Make your wedding dreams come true.

Here at BESTVEGASWEDDINGSITE.COM, we will assist you in making your lifetime of dreams. Dreams to last a lifetime. Starting from the iconic WELCOME TO FABULOUS LAS VEGAS sign to the furthest reaches of the beautiful Red Rock Las Vegas Desert.

My name is Jimmy and I’m a certified wedding officiant and Elvis Impersonator.

This is the newest ”Hot Spot” on the web for your special wedding event. Relax and enjoy, as we offer a Vegas Size buffet of romantic options. From the most simple personal wedding, all the way to the most elegant events the world has to offer.

Realize your wedding dreams and desires. From the most exciting vistas, and breathtaking views. License to limos, massage, make-up, hair and nails, tux and tails. We will professionally photograph your special event as well.

Happy couples from around the world have launched, their adventure of love together along the world’s most famous strip.

Many legends have been made on Freemont Street. Make your event legendary along the hotel corridors on the pedestrian walkways. There are so many iconic pieces of downtown Las Vegas.

Now don’t think that the city is the only place to start your journey together. We take great pride in presenting you with the timeless beauty of the famous Red Rock Canyon, who’s many natural red cliffs and valleys are a brides dream and a photographer’s delight.

Elvis Impersonator on Vegas strip.